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Barca fan community outraged after the first draw in the post-Messi era

(Country) – In the match in the second round of La Liga 2021/22, Barcelona was held by Athletic Bilbao with a score of 1-1. On many social networking platforms, many Barca fans miss Messi.

On the morning of August 22 (Vietnam time), Barca, although rated higher, could still only leave San Mames with 1 point in hand. But experts say the “Catalan giants” are somewhat lucky to have won a draw.

Because in about 2/3 of the matches, Bilbao played completely overwhelming. Meanwhile, Barca proved to be inferior and did not prove the bravery, class, and appearance of a real big man.

The Barca fan community on social networks was indignant after the draw against Bilbao - Photo 1.

This is Barca’s first winless match in the post-Messi era. Before that, the red and blue shirt team won Juventus 3-0 (Joan Gamper’s annual friendly cup) and defeated Real Sociedad 4-2 (La Liga first round).

– “I knew this was going to happen. Barca is clearly falling and I am happy for Lionel Messi because he no longer has to waste energy for this team.”

– “God! I miss Leo Messi so much!”.

– “I couldn’t find anything positive in Barca in the first half. They shouldn’t have played like that, especially after Messi’s departure.”

– “No Messi, no party!” (rough translation: “No Messi, no joy”).

This is me when I think about Messi’s passes to Depay if he was still at Barca.

The Barca fan community on social networks was indignant after the first draw in the post-Messi era - Photo 2.

This is Jordi Alba when not playing with Messi.

The Barca fan community on social networks was indignant after the first draw in the post-Messi era - Photo 3.

– “Koeman is happy with the draw! God, he is leading Barca, not Getafe or Valencia, his ambitions and goals must be much higher! Shameful, thank god for saving Messi from a Such a coach!”

– “Barca lacks a good coach and a true leader on the football field. Barca did not show any clear tactics in this match. Pedri played more than 70 games since last season and showed signs. down, but why didn’t Ronald Koeman give him a break, then leave Riqui Puig on the bench for 90 minutes?

And Antoine Griezmann is like a ghost. I’m really concerned about Barca’s season this year.”

– “Koeman’s tactics are like a joke. He can’t do anything in this game. Barca should sign Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel if they want to win the Champions League.”

– “Koeman only brought Barca a cup of the king of Spain and shame. I hope he and Griezmann will be out of Barca soon.”

– “I’m starting to want to use the hashtag #Koemanout”.

– “Koeman proved bad in choosing the method and personnel for this match. He is not the right coach for Barca.”

The Barca fan community on social networks was indignant after the first draw in the post-Messi era - Photo 4.

– “In the first half, Barca proved extremely weak compared to Bilbao. Barca’s strikers, please wake up! The leadership of this team should also think about selling Martin Braithwaite.”

– “If Griezmann costs Barca 120 million euros, then Depay should be valued at 210 million euros. Barca must feel lucky because they can recruit him on a free transfer.”

– “Barca played too weakly in this match. They are used to playing with many teams that have the ability to put pressure, close close with constant intensity, but proved completely helpless against Bilbao. The director played too hastily and squandered many good opportunities. I also feel extremely disappointed in Griezmann.”

– “Braithwaite was in erratic form, and Griezmann was invisible for the whole game, it was unfair for Memphis Depay to have to be teammates with these two players. I also felt confused when Koeman sent Sergi Roberto on but did not give Puig, Gavi, Nicolas Gonzalez a chance to play.”

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The pass opens the door to scoring opportunities 0 0 0 first

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Shots on target/total shots 0/0 0/1 0/2 2/3 (scored 1 goal)

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6.2 (lowest match)

7.6 (highest match)

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