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Bochum vs Mainz
Bochum vs Mainz

After more than 10 years, Bochum is again participating in the top division of the Bundesliga. Last season, they faced Mainz and the result drew the opponent with a score of 2-2 right at the opponent’s field after 90 minutes of official play. However, that match was in the German Cup sub-field, which usually the average teams in the Bundesliga like Mainz are not interested in.

Overall, Bochum is considered one of Mainz’s favorite opponents. Specifically, in the last 8 confrontations between the two sides in all arenas, Mainz not only did not lose but also won 6. Notably, the last 3 trips of Bochum and Mainz, although they were ranked at the bottom, they were all. triumph.

As for this match, the ratio is Draw to lose (0:0), a sign that Bochum is less and less safe. It is even possible that the ratio will push up to 1/4:0 (Mainz handicap 1/4) before the ball rolls. Don’t forget the first round, Mainz excellently defeated the defending runner-up Leipzig (0-1). Away, Mainz did not lose the previous 9 consecutive matches (won 6).

In fact, as mentioned, Bochum has been too long to participate in the Bundesliga, so the process of reintegration is not easy. The first match of the 202/22 season (the first round of the national cup), Bochum struggled to beat the 4th place team Wuppertaler with a score of 2-1 thanks to 2 goals at the end of the match. By the opening match in the Bundesliga last weekend, Bochum fell into empty hands on the field of Wolfsburg (lost 0-1).

Bochum vs Mainz odds
Bochum vs Mainz odds

Expected lineups Bochum vs Mainz

Bochum (4-3-3): Manuel Riemann; Danilo Soares, Maxim Leitsch, Armel Bella-Kotchap, Cristian Gamboa; Elvis Rexhbecaj, Robert Tesche Anthony Losilla; Gerrit Holtmann, Simon Zoller, Takuma Asano.

Mainz (3-4-3): Robin Zentner; Jerry St. Juste, Stefan Bell, Moussa Niakhate; Silvan Widmer, Leandro Barreiro, Dominik Kohr, Anderson Lucoqui; Jean-Paul Boetius, Jonathan Burkhardt, Adam Szalai.

Predict the result Bochum vs Mainz: 1-3

Statistics Bochum vs Mainz

Bochum vs Mainz
Head to head Bochum vs Mainz
Bochum vs Mainz
Bochum’s recent achievements
Bochum vs Mainz
Mainz .’s recent achievements

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