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James Rodriguez doesn’t know which team Everton face

Saturday, August 21, 2021 15:41(GMT+7)

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In a recent online exchange, midfielder James Rodriguez shocked fans.

James doesn’t know who his club plays with

Missing Everton’s first game of this season because of contact with a person infected with Covid-19, midfielder James Rodriguez continued to sit out in round 2. Taking advantage of the isolation period, the Colombian player socialized. with the fans, but this inadvertently proves that he does not care about the club.

“I started training again on Monday” – James Rodgiguez said, “But in the week that I didn’t play, I didn’t even know who Everton played against, can you tell me? Since the last match was at home, I think this match the team will play away.”

The player then exclaimed: “Ah yes, against Leeds United away, against Marcelo Bielsa. It’s a tough game, let’s see what happens and I hope ‘they’ win.”

James Rodriguez doesn't know which team Everton face
James Rodriguez doesn’t know which team Everton face

It is not clear who James Rodriguez is referring to in his statement, because it is not very good if he calls his teammates ‘them’.

Before that, the midfielder born in 1991 drew attention when he commented on the situation of Sergio Aguero: “You can see how frustrated he was. Aguero went to Barca to play with Messi, but then Messi left, it’s like the situation I was in when coach Ancelotti joined Real Madrid.”

As for Everton manager Rafa Benitez, he shared about the midfielder’s future: “Until August 31 (when the market closes), he is still in my plans.”

As for the readers, we will leave the schedule for the second round of the Premier League below in case you are not as attentive as James Rodriguez.

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