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Kevin Durant suddenly defended LeBron James against criticism

(Country) – Kevin Durant defended LeBron James after seeing his colleagues face daily criticism.

The confrontation between LeBron James and Kevin Durant is always expected by fans, when both are the current top NBA stars. Despite their fiery encounters on the pitch, James and Durant were good friends off the field. Especially after the US team successfully defended the gold medal, the fans witnessed the joy of the two superstars.

As one of the greatest players in history, LeBron James is loved by many but also hated by many. Discussions about LeBron always have mixed opinions besides support. Kevin Durant understands LeBron’s feelings when he also received a lot of swearing after leaving OKC Thunder. Understanding the feeling of having to be an outstanding person in the eyes of the NHM, recently the star pioneer of the Nets has decided to speak out in defense of LeBron James.

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Despite their fiery encounters on the pitch, Kevin Durant and LeBron James are good friends off the field

“Whatever LeBron does, everyone can talk about it like breaking news. He can’t shoulder everything. The fans always want LeBron to play, have a triple-double per game and must become a perfect person. But people will still criticize him in one way or another,” Kevin Durant voiced support for LeBron James.

As a person who is often cursed on social media, Kevin Durant always has to deal with difficult words. Leaving OKC Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors made Durant one of the NBA’s top villains and hated figures. However, Kevin Durant did not choose to remain silent in the face of protests. Instead, he reacts violently when someone puts him down and that makes the war of words with fans on social media is something that is associated with Kevin Durant.

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Kevin Durant’s defense for LeBron James posted on Twitter Lakers Daily

The popularity of a top player of his generation makes LeBron James always under scrutiny and investigation. NBA players are always subjected to much higher standards than the average person, and the expectations of a superstar like LeBron James are even higher. James is now 36 years old and not in top form. The Lakers forward is still performing very well in the NBA, but expectations at LeBron have remained unchanged for most of his career.

The superstars in the NBA become more and more friendly with each other off the field. Big stars like Durant or LeBron understand the dark side of fame and support each other. LeBron James has also repeatedly defended Kevin Durant from attacks from extremist fans. Most recently, James expressed support for Durant’s stats at NBA 2K22.

LeBron James believes Kevin Durant deserves a 99 in NBA 2k22 as the Nets star expects from NXS

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are good friends off the field and are ready to defend each other. Kevin Durant’s defense action was as a response to previous acts of kindness from his brother LeBron James. Kevin Durant has always believed that NBA stars need to be as friendly as brothers, and defending LeBron James is testament to that belief.

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