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Legendary Gerd Muller dies aged 75

World football has just received a great loss when the legendary striker of the Bayern Munich club and the German team, Gerd Muller has just passed away at the age of 75.

On the homepage of “The Bavarian Gray Lobster”, this team has just posted a notice saying that “bombing king” Gerd Muller passed away on Sunday, August 15, at his home.

Legendary Gerd Muller dies at the age of 75 - Photo 1.

Gerd Muller dies aged 75

Before that, in 2014, the once famous striker of “Die Mannschaft” suffered from many diseases that seriously affected his health, including Alzheimer’s disease. By 2017, his condition worsened and had to be transferred to a nursing home to facilitate treatment. In the last days of his life, he lived with his wife Uschi and daughter Nicole.

Full text of Bayern’s condolences for the loss of Gerd Muller:

“Gerd Muller is a great part of the history of Bayern Munich as well as Germany. He has scored 566 goals in 607 official appearances for Bayern and owns an unprecedented record of 365 goals in the Bundesliga with 7 won the title of top scorer. In the German shirt, he scored 68 goals in 62 matches.”

Legendary Gerd Muller dies at the age of 75 - Photo 2.

“Bombing King” has had a glorious career

Gerd Muller also held the Bundesliga record of 40 goals in a season for 49 years, before it was overtaken by Polish player Robert Lewandowski last season.

The legend with the nickname “Bombing King” is one of the greatest names in world football history. Muller was the number one scorer in World Cup history with 14 goals scored in the World Cups in 1970 and 1974 before being broken by “fat” Ronaldo and compatriot Miroslav Klose. In the 1970 World Cup, Muller even won the title of “Top Scorer”.

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