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Midfielder Fabinho’s father passed away

Saturday, August 21, 2021 16:03(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

Midfielder Fabinho has just received sad news when his father – Joao Roberto died a day before the match against Burnley in the second round of the English Premier League 2021/22.

Fans of midfielder Fabinho were shocked when his wife – Rebeca Tavares confirmed on Instagram that his father-in-law – Mr. Joao Roberto had passed away. She wrote in Portuguese: “The whole family will forever remember your smile, I feel so happy to be your daughter-in-law. I love you. I will take good care of your son and grandchildren.”
Midfielder Fabinho's father passed away

Midfielder Fabinho’s father passed away

Rebeca Tavares then continued to write on Twitter in English when she received so many inquiries, she wrote briefly: “Fabinho’s father passed away. He will be remembered forever“, Rebeca Tavares shared. After learning this news, many people sent their condolences to the Brazilian player’s family.

Joao Roberto passed away the day before the match against Burnley in the second round of the Premier League 2021/22 took place. Coach Jurgen Klopp also confirmed that the player born in 1993 is still on the squad, he said:

“This is a private situation. Fabinho is still on the squad against Burnley. We all share his sadness and be with him.”

Fabinho has only recently returned to England after a break with his family in Brazil. He focused later than his teammates due to the break because he attended the Copa America 2021 with Brazil. In this tournament Selecao lost 0-1 to Argentian at home in the final.

Before Fabinho, goalkeeper Alisson also suffered the loss of his father. The goalkeeper’s father, born in 1992, drowned in a lake near his home in February, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, he could not return to mourn his father.

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