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Minh Vuong “lost his hair”, Que Ngoc Hai held a four-hero award with juniors

(Country) – Vietnamese players have a lot of interesting activities inside the “bubble” area.

The training board of the Vietnamese team tries to play table tennis (Video: Luu Danh Minh)

Having to live in a closed environment, complying with the “bubble” rules, Vietnamese players are not allowed to leave the hotel. They have to come up with games to pass the time.

Captain Que Ngoc Hai organized a PES tournament with juniors Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Ly Cong Hoang Anh and Le Van Xuan. Viet Anh likens this to the “first four-hero tournament”, perhaps they will meet again to compete many more times when the gathering of the Vietnamese team lasts for many weeks.

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Meanwhile, “scissors” Van Thiet continued to be popular when Minh Vuong asked to cut his hair. The Thai Binh-born player has a habit of long hair, rarely changing his hairstyle. Fans are still waiting for Minh Vuong to show off his results after being helped by Van Thiet.

On his personal page, Hoang Duc Lai shares his personal hobby of drawing characters from famous comics or cartoons. The Hai Duong player showed off a rather strange drawing of Naruto, also exclaiming: “Draw someone else”. He was also excited to draw his girlfriend Gia Han a picture of Pikachu, only it looked different from the original.

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