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“Missing” in Cerezo Osaka, Dang Van Lam still can’t gather early with the Vietnamese team

(Country) – Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam is going through a challenging time in his career. He is not allowed to play in Japan and will have very little time to prepare with the Vietnamese team.

In theory, if there is no incident, Dang Van Lam is still the leading name in the wooden frame of the Vietnamese team under coach Park Hang-seo. However, fans may be worried when the name Van Lam has been continuously lost in recent times. The two goalkeepers selected by the head coach of Cerezo Osaka to be included in the registration list are Kim Jin-hyeon and Matsui Kenya.

In this season, Dang Van Lam has only played twice for the new team, one in the Emperor’s Cup and the other in the AFC Champions League. Those were all pretty easy matches against Cerezo Osaka.

On August 28, Cerezo Osaka will have an important derby with Gamba Osaka. Almost the host team will not “release” Van Lam before this time because coach Levir Culpi wants to have the best preparation, in case of any possible variables. Thus, if summoned, Van Lam will only have 4 days to practice with Vietnam before the match against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup qualifier on September 2.

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Van Lam won’t have much time to practice with Vietnam Tel

This is obviously bad news for Coach Park Hang-seo, when his number 1 goalkeeper has little time to play and no time to practice with the team.

In the last 3 matches of the second qualifying round of the World Cup 2022, Coach Park Hang-seo still entered Van Lam’s name on the list to go to the UAE. However, because this goalkeeper was identified as F1 of the Covid-19 case within Cerezo Osaka, he could not go on the road to focus.

Currently, Coach Park Hang-seo has 3 goalkeepers, Van Hoang, Tan Truong and Van Toan.


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