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NBA players have outstanding height compared to their parents

(Country) – Height is a standard for NBA players, when this parameter more or less affects their success in the harshest basketball arena.

Basketball is a sport where height has a great influence on the success of the players. NBA players have an average height of 2m01, so this parameter is a prerequisite in selecting talents for the world’s best tournament. For example, superstar Stephen Curry. With a height of 1m83 at the age of 18, Curry was ignored by most scouts because of his shorter than standard body.

Genetic factors from family all affect people’s height. However, there have been players who thrived, despite the fact that their parents were of average height. Although their parents are just ordinary people, the following stars have become professional players with a height that exceeds the average NBA mark.

1. Boban Marjanovic

The striker playing for the Dallas Mavericks is known as a true giant in the NBA. Possessing a height of 2m24 and a record-breaking hand (30cm long, 27cm wide), Boban received a lot of love for his cheerful and sociable personality outside of his outstanding tall appearance.

However, Boban Marjanovic’s parents are just normal height owners. Smilja Marjanović, Boban’s mother is only 1m68 tall while his deceased father is 1m75 tall. Boban Marjanovic’s huge body comes from a disease affecting the pituitary gland that causes Boban’s height to constantly increase. At the age of 14, Boban was taller than most NBA players at 2m10.

NBA players have a breakthrough height compared to their parents - Photo 1.

Wedding photo of Boban Marjanovic with his mother Smilja (left of Boban). Mrs. Smilja is 1.68m tall and stands in high heels, while Boban’s wife is 1m53 tall

Anthony Davis with a height of 2m08 was teased like a boy by Boban Marjanovic

2. Wilt Chamberlain

A great legend of the world of basketball and sports, Wilt Chamberlain possesses superhuman physical strength that surpasses that of ordinary people. In addition to the incredible parameters of arm span, high jump or sprint, Wilt Chamberlain is also known for his different 2m16 height in the 60s and 70s.

Wilt’s father, William Chamberlain, is only 1.75m tall. Meanwhile, Wilt’s mother, Olivia Ruth Johnson, is slightly better at 1m77. The cause of Wilt Chamberlain’s sudden height may come from his grandfather, a farmer with a height of about 2m10. This is quite reasonable when Wilt’s younger brother also inherited the height from his grandfather with a parameter of 1m95.

NBA players have a breakthrough height compared to their parents - Photo 3.

Wilt Chamberlain with outstanding height compared to his peers. The photo taken in 4th grade shows that Wilt is 1m83 tall

3. Michael Jordan

The player who is considered the greatest NBA player was born and raised in a very ordinary family. Michael Jordan’s father is 1m75 tall and his mother is 1m68 tall, because of this, height was not a strong point of Jordan in his high school years. With a height of 1m80, many scouts rejected Michael Jordan because he thought he was quite short to become a professional player.

To show his determination, Michael Jordan plunged into non-stop training. In just one year, Jordan has increased by 10cm in height. The Bulls legend hit the 1m98 mark as a rookie for the Chicago team, and the rest is history.

NBA players have a breakthrough height compared to their parents - Photo 4.

Michael Jordan with superior height compared to other family members

4. Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is one of the few East Asian players to become an NBA phenomenon. Born into a family of Asian descent, it is not surprising that Lin’s parents are both 1m68 tall. “Linsanity” admits that he once blamed his father for his short childhood and apologized to his father after becoming more mature.

At the age of 15, Jeremy Lin was only 1m60 tall until professional basketball training impacted Lin. After only 2 years, Jeremy Lin was 1m91 tall at the age of 17 and became the first Taiwanese-born player to play in the NBA a few years later.

NBA players have a breakthrough height compared to their parents - Photo 5.

Jeremy Lin with his family members

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