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Predictions Freiburg vs Dortmund German National Championship 2021 today

Saturday 21/08/2021 07:17(GMT+7)

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Freiburg vs Dortmund at 20:30 on August 21 (2nd round of the German Bundesliga 2021/22): Football commentary, expert opinion, result prediction, professional analysis, football rate information, statistics on the sidelines before the game.

Freiburg vs Dortmund
Freiburg vs Dortmund

Dortmund had an impressive start to the 2021/22 season when consecutively defeating third-place Wehen (National Cup) and Frankfurt (Bundesliga) with a difference of 3 goals. So, the Ruhr team gave everyone the feeling that they could overcome a Bayern still struggling under the new reign of Nagelsmann in the German Super Cup match last week.

However, in the end, coach Marco Rose’s teachers and students once again lost to convince the “great rival” with a score of 1-3. That defeat definitely affected the morale and confidence of the whole team. Not stopping there, the loss also aggravated Dortmund’s personnel situation when the number of wounded soldiers increased to 6 people.

In that context, Dortmund also had to be a guest of Freiburg, a very stubborn team at home when winning the Asian ratio to 12/14 recent matches in all competitions. Dortmund themselves have had to leave the Dreisamstadion for 2 consecutive seasons without any victory (all losses according to Asia).

However, that’s why the fact that the Ruhr team still accepts 1 draw with the missing score is considered an optimistic sign because according to the information above, the 3/4 mortgage seems more appropriate. . The last 2 matches have the same handicap, Dortmund both won the gap to overcome the Asian ratio.

Freiburg vs Dortmund
Freiburg vs Dortmund

Notable Statistics Freiburg vs Dortmund

– Last season Freiburg surprised by beating Dortmund at home. Calculated, the last 2 times to welcome Dortmund, Freiburg players were unbeaten (won 1).
– 4/5 last confrontations between the two sides ended with at least 3 goals scored.
– Freiburg is unbeaten in the last 3 consecutive matches.
Dortmund ended a 3-match winning streak when they lost to Bayern in the German Super Cup match.
– All of Dortmund’s last 4 matches had 3 or more goals.

Expected lineups Freiburg vs Dortmund

Freiburg: Flekken; Gulde, Lienhart, Schlotterbeck, Schmid, Guenter, Hoefler, Keitel, Woo-yeong Jeong, Grifo, Holer
Dortmunnd: Kobel; Schulz, Akanji, Papadopoulos, Passlack, Witsel, Dahoud, Reyna, Bellingham, Reus, Haaland

Predict the result Freiburg vs Dortmund: 1-3

Freiburg vs Dortmund Stats

Freiburg vs Dortmund
Head to head Freiburg vs Dortmund
Freiburg vs Dortmund
Freiburg’s recent achievements
Freiburg vs Dortmund
Dortmund’s recent achievements

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