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Predictions Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg Germany today

Saturday, August 21, 2021 08:21(GMT+7)

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Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg at 20:30 on August 21 (2nd round of the German Bundesliga 2021/22): Football commentary, expert opinion, result prediction, professional analysis, football rate information, sideline statistics before the game.

Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg
Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg

Hertha Berlin kicked off the 2021/22 Bundesliga with a 1-3 defeat at the field of its underrated opponent, Cologne. Before that, they also struggled to defeat 3rd place opponent Meppen in the German Cup. Both of these matches, the German capital team lost according to the Asian ratio.

In this round, Hertha Berlin played at home and welcomed Wolfsburg, the team that finished fourth last season with a ticket to the UEFA Champions League this season. However, on that day, they had the advantage of the field and the opponent had to play with a lack of players, so even though they won professionally, Wolfsburg lost to Asia.

Exactly, Wolfsburg is also empty-handed on the Asian ratio like Hertha Berlin after the first 2 official matches of the new bnsg season. Far from the last 7 matches (including friendly), Wolfsburg has disappointed Asian fans.

But perhaps due to the higher level and level, Wolfsburg is still at the top in this match, but the 1/4 handicap is nothing special. It should be known that 10 times the two teams clashed on Hertha Berlin’s field, only once, the team was rated higher.
win on the Asian side.

Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg
Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg

Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg Stats

Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg
Head to head Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg
Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg
Hertha Berlin’s recent achievements
Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg’s recent achievements

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