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Reasonable decision in the current context

The highest club tournament in Vietnam has officially stopped and this is a reasonable decision for the teams in the context of the still very complicated epidemic.

HAGL is in danger of not winning

On the afternoon of August 21, a series of social networking sites and press media in Vietnam all posted a general information about the V-League. ‘VFF agreed to stop V-League 2021’, which is probably what makes many people feel regret when the first time the highest club tournament is forced to stop after more than half of the way.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) held a meeting of the Executive Committee to resolve the concerns of some clubs about extending the tournament to 2022, leading to many consequences for the teams. . The result is clear when 100% of the opinions agree with the plan to close the V-League 2021 season at this time.

In the near future, VPF will hold a meeting to collect opinions of the teams on related issues. Typically, which club will play the AFC Champions League or AFC Cup next season.

HAGL may not win the championship

Information about stopping V-League 2021 made many Vietnamese football fans feel very sorry for HAGL Club when this season they played extremely well under coach Kiatisak. The Nui football team is at the top of the rankings and wishes to give the championship trophy to President Doan Nguyen Duc on the occasion of his 20th anniversary as a football player.

However, if the V-League 2021 cancels the results, HAGL cannot have a chance to win the championship. The players have spent their youth together to stay in the relegation zone and are determined to achieve the best results this season. This will probably be a big low note in the careers of Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, Van Toan … when it is likely that next season they will hardly be able to play with the same team.

VPF or VFF will listen to opinions from participating teams to make decisions. It’s hard to please everyone, there’s bound to be more controversy but it’s inevitable.

Sound decision?

Up to now, the COVID-19 epidemic in localities is still very complicated and unpredictable due to the appearance of many new strains. Therefore, the VFF has previously finalized the plan to postpone the professional football tournaments to the end of the year to ensure the anti-epidemic work, in which, the focus is on the Vietnam national team competing for the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup as well as the World Cup. like the AFF Cup.

However, this solution still raises frustration because many problems have not been solved, especially the financial difficulties of the clubs. Some teams such as Nam Dinh and Hai Phong estimate heavy damage and the number can reach 15-20 billion if V-League 2021 is postponed to February 2022. The most tragic is the Than Quang Ninh club, they continue to owe the players’ salaries.

Of course, neither VPF nor VFF can provide financial support for the teams, so stopping the V-League is an option that is considered and favorable for both sides instead of deciding as before.

The decision to stop V-League left a lot of regrets

Especially in recent times, VPF has been under pressure from clubs, including Hai Phong Club of President Van Tran Hoan. The strong and tough response from Bau Hoan led to a major change in the operation of the tournament. Stopping the V-League makes all frictions seem to be eased.

However, its consequences are still not small. When the tournament officially stops, VPF will have to compensate for the signed sponsorship contract, and at the same time, it will be difficult to call for sponsorship in the next season.

In the context of the outbreak of the disease, many clubs released their camps and sent players back to their localities. This makes it impossible for them to maintain good form and fitness because it takes a long time without training. The saddest thing is that the players have to work many different jobs to earn money to cover their lives.

It is very difficult to have the best plan in the current context and the epidemic has made everything go in a bad direction. Stay tuned for the next developments.


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