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Rejected by the Detroit Piston in the first pick of the 2021 NBA Draft, rookie Houston Rockets loudly “coffee”

(Country) – Jalen Green’s failed dream led him to aim higher in the first NBA season of his career.

The NBA Draft Pool 2021 saw the appearance of many young talents, but only one became the first selected player. And that title named Cade Cunningham of the Detroit Piston. Although extremely determined, Jalen Green fell to No. 2 and wore the Houston Rockets.

Missed the chance to be No.  1 Pick, rookie Houston Rockets openly challenged the Detroit Piston - Photo 1.

The Detroit Pistons bypassed Jalen Green to bring in Cade Cunningham in the first pick. Green finished second and joined “Missiles of the West”

During the preparation for the NBA Draft, the player born in 2002 visited and practiced with only two teams, the Piston and the Rockets. The ambition of the rookie player can be seen when he wants to achieve the highest title right from the first milestones in the NBA. Still struggling to not become No.1 Pick, Jalen Green wants to prove that Piston was wrong to miss him.

“There are many people who hate me or have prejudice against me. But on the football field I will prove them wrong. I may not be the first pick but I will become the ‘Best Rookie of the NBA Season 2021- 22′”, the Rockets defender confidently shared.

The 19-year-old is from Fresno, a small city located between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. It is home to a relatively high level of criminal activity in the United States. Although trying to keep himself and stay away from evil, aggressiveness is something that exists strongly in Jalen Green’s DNA.

Missed the chance to be No.  1 Pick, rookie Houston Rockets openly challenged the Detroit Piston - Photo 2.

Not being selected by the Pistons has aroused the aggressive and competitive instincts of young players

With youthful energy and full of energy, the rookie born in 2002 is extremely eager to contribute to the new team. Despite his regrets, he still believes that the Houston Rockets is the right destination for him.

“I want to be No. 1 Pick, but in terms of location, I don’t want to compete in Detroit. I feel more comfortable in Houston. It’s an environment that makes me feel closer. In Detroit, I feel more comfortable. feeling a bit claustrophobic like it was during the quarantine-gathering at the G League Bubble. There’s not much to do in Detroit other than practice. Once you’re in Detroit you rarely step out of Detroit.”

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Jalen Green had the first confrontation with Cade Cunningham with his teammates and won well

Jalen Green skipped 4 years of college and entered the G League to prepare for a single destination, the NBA. At last season, he played for NBA G League Ignite at the isolation area at Florida Bubble, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic raging outside. Here, rookie Houston Rockets have an average of 17.9 points, 2.8 assists, and 46% performance.

The above statements are actually somewhat retaliation against the team that turned their backs on him because before that, the 19-year-old defender once asserted: “Being first chosen means a dream come true. I want to live in Vietnam. Detroit”. Anyway, with his aggressive nature, perhaps Jalen Green will play better after being rejected by Detroit.

At the moment, the young player is accomplishing the goal well when recently pouring 25 points into the Pistons basket and bringing home a victory in the Summer League. He also did not forget to “coffee” his biggest opponent after scoring a 3-pointer on Cade Cunninghaam’s head.

Jalen Green shines in the match against the Detroit Pistons, the team that missed him in the 2021 NBA Draft

The confrontation between these two young stars will definitely be a match-up worth watching in the 2021-22 NBA season. Will Cade Cunningham have a response commensurate with Jalen Green’s recent battles? Let’s wait and see.


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