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Stay hungry, stay foolish

“Stay hungry, stay foolish” (Stay hungry, stay foolish), the famous saying of Steve Jobs used to be a guideline to help Apple create technology products that conquer the world. Surprisingly, that statement seems to hold true for Leeds United as well.

Marcelo Bielsa’s army is not a “premium product” like luxury iPhones, but what they are similar to Apple is to give fans freshness and excitement. That is probably the same thing that people left after Leeds’ match against Everton last night.

Still a fiery pressing style throughout the match. There are still some silly defensive mistakes, but captain Liam Cooper’s shirt pulling phase with Calvert-Lewin is the clearest proof. Still the spirit of resurgence with Klich’s and Raphinha’s equalizing goals. It is still the white shirts that rush to attack and accept to play risky in the last 10 minutes to get all 3 points in the day to welcome home fans back.

Yes, Leeds did not win and only got 1 point after the opening 2 Premier League matches. Even if Calvert-Lewin had been sharper in finishing situations, the home team might have had to swallow bitter fruit. But nothing. If given the choice again, perhaps “The Madman” (nickname of Marcelo Bielsa) will still move up and accept 3 against 3 situations with the opponent only.

Leeds United Stay hungry, stay foolish
There has been no victory after 2 rounds, but perhaps Bielsa will still let Leeds play as liberally as they have been and are still showing. Photo: Getty Images

Leeds is like a passionate and somewhat naive guy who always gives his best despite knowing that the results may not be what he wants. All had to be feverish when Leeds United showed a fiery play against Liverpool on the day of returning to the Premier League. A newly promoted team dares to play fair doubles against the defending champion, someone confident enough to play high pressing with Jurgen Klopp. It could only be the Leeds of “El Loco” Bielsa.

The veteran Argentinian military leader once said that he chose Leeds because the management had a clear plan and he had all the technical authority. But more than that, perhaps Leeds is an appropriate place for Bielsa to build a football discipline that is still very humane.

Before the match with Liverpool more than a year, all had to mention Marcelo Bielsa in the match against Aston Villa at Elland Road. Earlier Mateusz Klich had scored while a Villa player was lying on the pitch and the away players reacted so nervously that Anwar El Ghazi was sent off. Instead of preserving the score 1-0, Bielsa instructed the students to let Villa score an equalizer in the later serve. Leeds lost 2 points with a direct promotion ticket to Sheffield United, but in return they received praise from fans and FIFA’s Fair Play award.

That’s it, Leeds United under Marcelo Bielsa has always been an interesting and memorable team. Sometimes they have to accept defeats in the face. Sometimes they make rudimentary defensive mistakes. But in return, they will always come out on the field with a pair of feet ready to run at full speed and a chivalrous spirit.

The Peacock may not be an instant hit, but maybe Marcelo Bielsa could make their wildest dreams come true? During his years in charge in Europe, Bielsa was perhaps most successful at Athletic Bilbao, culminating in the 2011-2012 season when reaching the Copa del Rey final and the Europa League final. Like Leeds, it is also a team that does not have a big budget but pride and cohesion are always in abundance.

And if Leeds doesn’t make a miracle, that’s okay too. For the white shirt fans, coming to the field and breathing the Premier League atmosphere after 16 long years is already a dream come true for them. Each match will be a party where they burn with their best with the team.

Stay hungry, stay foolish, football is sometimes beautiful because of that.

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