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The Vietnam Communications Team gives first aid to Russian soldiers on the Army Games 2021 field

(Country) – Once again, Vietnamese soldiers left sympathy for their friends when performing first aid for a Russian soldier at the Army Games 2021.

The Vietnamese team has another beautiful action in the eyes of international friends on August 21

On August 21, during the deployment of the command staff vehicle (CHTM), Comrade Sergei, of the Russian Federation Communications Team, was injured in the leg. The doctors and nurses of the Vietnam Communications Team were present, quickly providing first aid and bandages for you.

Vietnam’s beautiful actions have once again left an impression and sympathy for international friends. This action also cemented the comradeship between Vietnamese and Russian soldiers. In particular, Comrade Sergei had more friends from the Vietnam People’s Army Communications Team after receiving first aid.

The Vietnamese Communications Team gave first aid to Russian soldiers on the Army Games 2021 field - Photo 2.

Doctors and nurses from Vietnam Communications Team give first aid to Russian soldiers

The Army Games 2021 competition will officially start from tomorrow, August 22 – September 4, 2021. This year, more than 280 teams from 42 countries competed in 34 events. The Vietnam People’s Army team will compete in 15 events.

This 7th Army Games, Vietnam hosted the competitions: “Sniper sniper” and “Crash area” at National Military Training Center 4, Mieu Mon, Hanoi.

Also today, the “Sea Cup” contest within the framework of the Army Games 2021 was drawn. Here, Vietnam will compete with Russia and China in the content “shooting targets at sea with AK-176 cannons”, “shooting drift mines with 14.5mm guns” in the order of Russia, Vietnam, China. Nationality and “maritime skills” will be in the order of China, Vietnam, Russia. The competition content will take place from August 23 to 27.


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