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U22 Vietnam went to Korea for training

(Country) – Vietnam Football Federation is planning for U22 Vietnam to go to Korea for training.

U22 Vietnam is training at VFF to prepare for the 2022 Asian U23 qualifier in October with the aim of winning a place in the final round in Uzbekistan.

To best prepare for the next class, VFF is planning for coach Kim Han-yoon’s students to go abroad for training.

Regarding the training plan of Vietnam U22, Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan – Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) shared:

“The U22 Vietnam team is in the preparation stage for the qualifying round. We consider this to be the next generation of players to inherit the national team in the near future. Therefore, in addition to the preparation work for the Vietnamese national team. In the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, the U22 Vietnam team is also trained at this stage.”

U22 Vietnam is allowed to go to Korea for training - Photo 1.

VFF creates conditions for U22 Vietnam to go to Korea for training (Photo: VFF)

Mr. Tuan added: “VFF is also preparing a plan, creating conditions for the U22 Vietnam team to play 1-2 matches and train abroad. The place that we can target is Korea. Because according to the regulations of this country, if the players can finish 2 injections of the Covid-19 vaccine, the U22 Vietnam team can train here according to the closed bubble mechanism, thereby continuing. The process of training and friendly competition goes smoothly. Hopefully, the U22 Vietnam team will have the 4th consecutive time towards the U23 Asian Cup finals.”

According to the schedule in Group I, Vietnam will respectively face host Taiwan (China) on October 27 and Myanmar on October 31. Because the 2022 Asian U23 qualifier coincides with the training and competition time of the Vietnamese team in the 2022 World Cup qualifier, it is possible that Mr. Park Hang-seo will assign the task of leading Vietnam U22 to assistant Kim Han- yoon.


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