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What do Vietnamese players do during the V.League break?

(Country) – Vietnamese players who work to help their parents, others stuck in the middle of the epidemic, the way home is a “luxury dream”.

Domestic football tournaments have been suspended for a few months now, V.League 2021 also moved to 2/2022. Since the official announcement of the postponement of the tournament, many players have been fortunate to return to their families in time, but up to the present point, there are still many players who have not been able to return home because of being stuck in the epidemic center.

Immediately after coach Nguyen Duc Thang let the whole team relax, player Nguyen Xuan Nam (Binh Dinh) returned to Hai Duong and helped his parents with household chores. Recently, the striker, born in 1994, shared a picture of him buying extra scrap with his father. A very simple image of labor but showing joy.

“Now that the pandemic is over, it’s nice to have a job, Xuan Nam shared.

What do Vietnamese players do during the V.League break?  - Photo 1.

Player Nguyen Xuan Nam goes to buy scrap for his parents (Photo: FBNV)

For players with families, this period is also a time for them to be close, take care of their wives and children, do housework…

What do Vietnamese players do during the V.League break?  - Photo 2.

Dong Trieu player holds his daughter “Cam” to sleep (Photo: FBNV)

Midfielder Huy Toan (HCMC) or midfielder Nghiem Xuan Tu (Quang Ninh) also often share playing time with their children, teaching them to study.

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Huy Toan not only plays with his children, but he skillfully packs goods to sell online for his wife (Photo: FBNV)

Nghiem Xuan Tu and his children study and exercise during the epidemic season to improve health (Photo: FBNV)

What do Vietnamese players do during the V.League break?  - Photo 5.

Lam Anh Quang (Nam Dinh) is strong on the field, but when he comes home, he is also very gentle and emotional (Photo: FBNV)

Meanwhile, many players from Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City or Binh Duong are still staying in the club’s living quarters. Even Hai Phong’s A Mit player is currently staying at his teammate Huu Khoi’s house in Thai Binh because he cannot return to Da Nang with his wife and children. Going home, a seemingly simple thing in everyday life, but in times of epidemic like this, it becomes a luxury dream.

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The players in Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City are stuck in the center of the epidemic waiting for the day they can go home (Photo: NVCC)


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