5 Botches you probably missed 

WWE was under a lot of pressure following recent AEW surprises when they presented SummerSlam live from The Allegiant Stadium last night.

The show was pushed as the biggest show of the year since the company was finally able to present its product in front of a capacity crowd. The show included several returns and a number of surprises that kept the WWE Universe on its toes throughout.

Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar are finally back. There were also four new Champions crowned with the RAW Tag Team Championships, RAW Women’s Championship, SmackDown Women’s Championship and the United States Championship all changing hands.

Whilst the show will be seen as a success overall, there were several botches that may have passed under the radar.

#5. Tiffany Haddish botches twice whilst congratulating Damian Priest on his win at SummerSlam

Damian Priest made history last night at SummerSlam when he defeated Sheamus. In doing so, he became the first Puerto Rican Superstar in WWE history to win the United States Championship.

Priest was able to pick up the win with Hit The Lights, after fighting his way out of the Figure Four Leg Lock, by using Sheamus’ facial injury against him.

Following Priest’s victory, he headed backstage to be interviewed by Tiffany Haddish. The guest interviewer then went on to botch twice in her promo when she made the mistake of calling it “The SummerSlam”. She then called Priest’s new Championship “The National Championship” rather than the United States Championship.

Members of the broadcast team often make mistakes. This happens regularly in WWE, with Michael Cole often being pulled up for some of the bigger errors since he’s in a lead commentary position.

Haddish is a newcomer to this position in the WWE world. She could have been overcome with nerves last night at SummerSlam which is why she made so many mistakes in a simple interview.

Priest seemingly wasn’t phased by the interviewer’s mistakes. Haddish doesn’t come from a wrestling background. The comedian could be forgiven for her errors but perhaps next time she should be part of a pre-recorded segment instead.

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