Bray Wyatt shows off new Fiend mask 

Former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has changed his Twitter profile picture, showing off a new and scarier Fiend mask.

Bray Wyatt was shockingly released by WWE last month, after spending over 12 years with the promotion. Fans were in disbelief that WWE reportedly released him as part of their budget cuts, claiming that Wyatt was too important to let go due to this reason.

Bray Wyatt has now made some interesting new changes to his Twitter profile, changing his name to Windham and putting up a new profile picture, showing off a new scarier version of The Fiend’s mask.

Here is a proper look at Bray Wyatt’s new Twitter profile picture.

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt’s new Twitter profile picture

What’s next for Bray Wyatt after his WWE departure?

A former 2-time Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt is widely considered one of the most creative minds in all of pro-wrestling right now. The depth of his character in WWE and all the hidden messages just proved the genius of Wyatt.

Following his WWE departure, the biggest question now is – What is next for Bray Wyatt? While the former WWE Superstar is yet to openly comment on the same, speculation is that he could go on to sign with All Elite Wrestling once his non-compete clause is over.

However, a section of pro-wrestling fans and critics think Bray Wyatt would do much better in Hollywood, possibly becoming the next major horror movie icon. Former WWE writer Vince Russo even urged Wyatt not to sign with AEW and instead look to start a career in Hollywood.

“I pray to God, bro, please get a Hollywood agent, flush out this character the way that you saw this character,” Russo said. “You flush it out, your image, your creation, get together with a screenwriter. Bro, you’ve got the next Jason, Freddy for the next 10 years. Please don’t go to AEW. This guy is better than wrestling. Please, bro, trust me on this. This guy could be the next horror icon, doing it his way.”

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