CM Punk reveals who he wants to work with in AEW

CM Punk has arrived in AEW and the possibilities here on are endless. CM Punk named Kenny Omega, Jungle Boy and Young Bucks among the people he wants to work with in AEW.

CM Punk and Tony Khan were on the post-AEW Rampage media call when Punk was quizzed on who he’d like to work with in AEW.

During his promo on AEW Rampage, Punk said that he was back in pro-wrestling because he found his love for the business for the first time since 2005.

He proceeded to say that he was there to work with the passionate young stars in AEW. This led to him challenging Darby Allin to a match at AEW All Out on September 5 which the face-painted superstar eventually accepted.

From his quote, Kenny Omega is a name that stands out.

Kenny Omega is probably the best wrestler in the industry today. CM Punk vs Kenny Omega is as big as dream matches get and AEW will surely go down that stretch at some point in time.

What else did CM Punk say on the AEW media call?

One of the first things CM Punk touched upon was his contractual status. Although he gave no details, Tony Khan confirmed that it wasn’t a short term deal or a part-time contract.

CM Punk revealed that he had been in talks with Tony Khan for over a year and a half and wanted to debut only in front of fans. He went on to say that the ice cream bars being distributed to the fans was his idea.

As for Darby Allin, it was Tony Khan’s idea to have him feud with CM Punk and Punk said that if he were a teenager, Darby would be his favorite wrestler.

It was a momentous occasion as Chicago welcomed their hero to AEW, a company that will hopefully allow CM Punk to finish the unfinished business he had since he left in 2014.

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