Marginalized streamers on Twitch are crying out for help but to no avail

Recently, Twitch released a statement promising that it will work toward stopping “hate-raids” and other forms of harassment that creators on the platform complain about.

On August 21, Twitch released an official Twitter thread in reference to “hate-raids” and other forms of harassment that marginalized creators have complained about. In recent weeks, a range of creators such as “RekItRaven” and “PleasantlyTwstd” have complained about harassment on the platform.

Creators of marginalized communities have spoken about incidents where their chat would be filled with hundreds of viewers sending them obscene and derogatory messages. While in most cases, colored or black content creators have been targeted, other creators belonging to the LGBTQ+ community have also been targeted. Twitch promised to take care of the problem via a lengthy post, and encouraged streamers to keep reporting these attacks.

Twitch promises to take action against abuse directed at marginalized streamers

Twitch has received a range of reports of abuse and harassment targeted at marginalized streamers. In almost all cases, the creators are smaller streamers, who are easy targets for abusive viewers, especially as their cases, until now, have not received as much attention as they deserve. Twitch acknowledged the lack of action and claimed they would take action on multiple levels.

The platform promises to respond and take action with respect to individual cases and that an open dialog about creator safety is already underway. It claimed to have found a vulnerability in identifying hate-speech in their filters and said that they have solved it via an update. Twitch will also release further tools to identify ban-evasion and improve account verification soon.

The Twitter thread, however, was met with quite a bit of criticism, with many creators complaining that the platform has not responded to reports they have filed against incidents of abuse. Others questioned Twitch’s policies and talked about the double standard that currently exists with respect to creators and viewers. While content creators are banned for merely uttering problematic terms, viewers are not banned despite having a history of harassing streamers.

Several have suggested ways in which Twitch can solve the problem, also mentioning that a single user should not be allowed to make multiple accounts.

The tweets suggest that the issue is an ongoing one, with a range of creators and Twitch users talking about their experiences on the platform.

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