UFC legend Randy Couture explains what Tyron Woodley has to do to beat Jake Paul in their boxing showdown

Former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture believes Tyron Woodley can beat Jake Paul in their upcoming boxing match next weekend.

The UFC hall-of-famer is confident in Woodley’s abilities as a boxer and thinks there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to beat Paul on August 29.

While speaking to James Lynch recently, Couture weighed in on the showdown between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul. According to the former US Army sergeant, all Tyron Woodley needs to do is stay focused on the task at hand and he will emerge victorious against the YouTuber.

“I think Tyron has all the ability he needs to win that fight for sure. He just needs to stay focused and not let any of this extraneous cr*p get in the way, go out and do exactly what he’s trained to do and I think he’s going to be just fine.” Couture said.

Check out Randy Couture’s opinion on the fight below:


MMA community backs Tyron Woodley as he takes on Jake Paul

The majority of the MMA community will be rooting for Tyron Woodley to beat Jake Paul in their fight, largely due to the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s lack of respect for some UFC fighters and the promotion’s president Dana White.

From a technical perspective, Woodley is certainly the favorite to win the fight. While Paul has a height and size advantage over his opponent, Woodley is technically far superior and has way more experience in combat sports.

Paul is just three-fights old as a professional boxer, whereas Woodley has knocked out some of the best fighters on the planet and has held the UFC welterweight title. However, you can’t completely undermine Paul’s skills inside the ring.

He has never gone past the second round in any of his fights and has claimed devastating knockout victories in all three of his fights to date.

But Paul is yet to face a striker with the abilities Woodley possesses. This is definitely going to be his toughest fight so far inside the squared circle.

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