WWE confiscates The Fiend sign at SummerSlam after heated altercation with fan

In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio episode, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE officials confiscated a big Bray Wyatt sign from a fan at SummerSlam.

As we had reported earlier, a Fiend sign was spotted during Big E’s match against Baron Corbin during the SummerSlam kick-off show. Meltzer said WWE’s production team was quick to pan the camera away as soon as the sign appeared in the frame.

Dave Meltzer said WWE officials immediately approached the fan in question to seize the sign, and the entire process ended up being “kind of heated.”

WWE personnel and the fan allegedly got into a slightly intense altercation, but the issue was resolved as the fan eventually gave up the sign.

“Did you hear that they confiscated the Wyatt stuff? Yeah. There was a big Wyatt sign that I saw in the Big E/Baron Corbin match; umm, you know, they panned away really quickly, and then I was told that they took it from the guy, which actually ended being, I was told, kind of heated. But the guy did give it up,” revealed Dave Meltzer.


Where will Bray Wyatt go after his WWE non-compete clause ends?

Bray Wyatt may not be employed by the WWE anymore, but that did not stop him from tuning in to watch SummerSlam. Wyatt even reacted to The Fiend poster with an interesting tweet.

Wyatt was released from the WWE at the end of July, and the former world champion is currently awaiting the end of his non-compete clause.

Wyatt, who now goes by his real name Windham Rotunda on social media, posted a cryptic teaser about his future in the business.

If the most recent backstage update on Wyatt is to be believed, then the immeasurably talented superstar could follow CM Punk in joining AEW.

You can read all about the massive backstage news on Wyatt’s AEW status right here.

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