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Bet on the house Leipzig vs Bochum, 00:30 on 4/2

Bet Leipzig vs Bochum

Leipzig’s level in the past seasons has been confirmed by extremely impressive performances. However, Nagelsmann’s teachers and students still lack one thing to help elevate themselves further, and that is none other than titles.

The Bundesliga or the Champions League is not easy to compete. Of course, Leipzig’s determination in these arenas will still be the biggest, but the National Cup will also be a name that makes them consider. The opponents that Leipzig will face in recent times are also relatively comfortable.

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Bochum is one such prey. Originally, the level of a team playing in the Bundesliga like Leipzig was completely superior to a Bochum currently playing in the second division.

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The only thing that makes Bochum hope in this battle is the high form they create with 4 wins in the last 5 matches. But again to reiterate, that was when they played in the Second Division. The level of the opponents, of course, cannot be compared with most clubs in the National Cup.

Asia bet Leipzig vs Bochum: Choose Leipzig

Bochum also proved to be full of losses in direct confrontations between the two teams. Throughout history, victory has always called Leipzig’s name despite Bochum’s efforts.

Moreover, Leipzig also has a home advantage to support more winning motivation. Therefore, the handicap of 1.5 left will not be able to prevent Leipzig from winning the next match.

Leipzig vs Bochum Over and Under: Choose Over

Conceding a goal has never been a difficult task for Leipzig. The number of 8 goals created in the last 4 matches from Leipzig is the most typical example. The next match promises that the home team will create another victory, when Leipzig itself defends quite badly at away with 8 goals conceded in the last 5 matches.

1st half odds Leipzig vs Bochum

Leipzig’s pre-emptive offensive play in the early stages of the game has come into play again in recent times. As in the last 5 matches, there are 4 matches where they lead in the first 45 minutes. Meanwhile, Bochum received many goals in the first few minutes. 5 of their 8 goals conceded in the last 5 matches came in the first half.

Match info

Leipzig vs Bochum


Head to head Leipzig vs Bochum


Expected lineups Leipzig vs Bochum

Leipzig: Mvogo, Konaté, Halstenberg, Upamecano, Mukiele, Haidara, Adams, Angeliño, Forsberg, Olmo, Hee-Chan.

Bochum: Riemann, Gamboa, Lamproulos, Bella-Kotchap, Kokovas, Pantović, Žulj, Blum, Janelt, Ganvoula, Novothny.

Predict the score Leipzig vs Bochum: 4-0

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