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Comment Gladbach vs Bayern 01:30 on August 14

Identify Gladbach vs Bayern

Today’s bookmakers all believe that the Gladbach vs Bayern match will be the focus of the opening round of the Bundesliga 2021/22. Simply put, Bayern is the defending champion while Gladbach was the dark horse last season and was kicked at home.

As recorded from the system kembong88, this match Bayern is still the upper door. Coach Julian Nagelsmann’s team accepted Gladbach’s popularity at 1 left according to the Asian rafters. But is that the adventure odds for those who want to take the upper hand in this match?

.’s recent form Gladbach vs Bayern

According to the online score, if you choose to go down early, when Bayern accept 1 left before the home team Gladbach, it can be quite a risky choice. Because Gladbach is a Lower Rhine team, Bayern often do not play well when coming to this land.

nhan dinh gladbach vs bayern 14 8 2021

Statistics of 7msport show that Bayern in the Lower Rhine region has received the most defeats in the Bundesliga, with 22 defeats and is also where the Bavarian Gray Lobster concedes the most, with 87 goals. Not far away, even in the away match against Gladbach last season, even though Bayern won, they also conceded 2 goals (3-2).

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That’s why bundesliga experts believe that those who love Bayern and still want to put their faith in the Gray Lobster should wait until the ball rolls for a while, Bayern’s handicap drops, then bet. After all, there are statistics that support Bayern in this match.

For example, according to today’s football scores, Gladbach is not good at making money for players when playing at home. This Lower Rhine team has lost the Asian bet in 6 of the last 9 matches playing at their home. Meanwhile, Bayern still knows how to protect players’ money when they are guests.

Data from kenhacai shows that Bayern only lost to Asia in 2 of the last 7 trips away from home in all official arenas. The Bavarian team were also the ones who earned the most points as a guest in the Bundesliga last season, with 35 points. This number is even 7 points more than what Gladbach earned at home in the Bundesliga 2020/21.

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