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Identify Barcelona vs Sociedad

The confrontation with Sociedad is the first official match of Barcelona after Lionel Messi. Without the Argentine superstar, is Barcelona still the strong team we have seen? Let’s look at spanish football to find the answer to that question.

In fact, Sociedad is also a heavy test for Barca in the first steps of life without Messi. In La Liga last season, Sociedad finished 5th on the rankings and according to the odds data, this team was ranked 3 places above Barcelona at the end of the first leg of La Liga 2020/21.

.’s recent form Barcelona vs Sociedad

In the clash in the opening round of La Liga this season, Barcelona was pressured by the majority of bookies for the Asian handicap of Sociedad quite deep, with a popularity of 3/4 left. Winning 1 goal difference, Barcelona also only gives the player half of the bet. But can Barcelona win more boldly?

The answer is very difficult. Although Barcelona have won all of the last 15 times to welcome Sociedad in all competitions, but because they often have to hold the ball quite deep, those victories of Barcelona do not convert into money for Asian players.

nhan dinh barcelona vs sociedad 16 8 2021

Today’s football betting data shows that Barcelona only won 6 of the 15 matches against Sociedad mentioned above. And in the last 5 matches, Barcelona did not win more than 1 goal difference against the opponent from the Basque Country.

Moreover, the information from the 88th ball also proves that the home field is not the fulcrum of Barcelona. The Catalan team only won the Asian match in 2 of the last 6 matches playing at the Nou Camp nest on all fronts. That means, there have been a lot of investors who “lost their bodies” when they set the door to Barcelona in the recent home matches of this team.

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In contrast, the 7m livescore experts are quite impressed with Sociedad’s record of earning money for Asian players. As noted, this Basque team won the Asian match in the last 4/7 official matches, despite meeting many solid opponents like Atletico Madrid or Celta Vigo.

Another Asian win is not an unrealistic goal for Sociedad if they play with the same spirit as when they faced Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup last year. At that time, this Basque team drew the Catalan giants with a score of 1-1 in the rolling minutes and only lost 3-4 in the penalty shootout.

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