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Messi and the PSG stars received a huge shock from UEFA

The 2021 summer market marked a real shock in the world player transfer village when Lionel Messi left Barca after 21 years of attachment. The next destination in Messi’s great career is PSG, the rich French team has rolled out the red carpet to pick him up from Camp Nou.

With the appearance of Messi, PSG is setting great expectations for the goal of winning the Champions League this season, and at the same time turning European football. Considering the correlation of forces, PSG at this time is clearly a force that cannot be underestimated.

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Messi joins PSG from Barca

With its super strong financial potential, the Ligue 1 team is proving its superpower position. They currently have a huge star cast with the presence of Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, etc. Plus Georginio Wijnaldum, Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnarumma have also recently joined.

However, the joy did not come for long when Messi and the superstar stars of PSG had to receive information that was not fun. Specifically, in the latest announcement by UEFA, the French league and Ligue 1 are no longer in the Top 5 European Championships.

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The highest league in the continent has been dropped to 6th place and replaced by the Portuguese league, Primeira Liga. The league quality rating of Ligue 1 is only 43498 points, while this number of Primeira Liga is 44216 points.


PSG’s Ligue 1 drops to 6th place

Other famous championships such as the English Premier League (England) are still in first place with 87926 points, second is La Liga (Spain) and also the old tournament that Messi attended with 80570 points. . Italy’s Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga ranked 3rd and 4th with 63616 and 61427 points, respectively.

This newly announced UEFA ranking also means that famous names like Messi or Ramos will have the first time in their illustrious career playing in a tournament outside the Top 5 European leagues. Europe.

As for Messi, he is likely to make his PSG debut this weekend.

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