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Messi made his debut for PSG on the morning of August 21?

The biggest transfer deal in the summer of 2021 is the fact that Lionel Messi joined PSG. The French team was fortunate to recruit the Argentine striker on a free transfer, after he said goodbye to Barcelona after 21 years of association.

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Messi is expected to play in the match against Brest

During his first days at PSG, Messi showed a very fast integration with his new teammates. In the latest training session, he made a strong impression with his ability to move, choose positions and finish the ball very well to score 2 goals on the training ground in Paris with his new team. Before that, Messi also attracted attention in two other video clips when he “released bullets” from the assists of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe also on the PSG training ground.

The above images make fans hope that Messi will soon have his PSG debut, even in the match against Brest in the third round of Ligue 1 taking place at 02:00 on August 21. However, according to a source of Le Parisien newspaper, Messi and Neymar will continue to be absent because the pair are not in the group of players announced by coach Pochettino to play on Thursday (August 19). Meanwhile, Di Maria, Marco Verratti and Marquinhos return.

Thus, the Argentine striker can only participate in the fourth round when PSG plays on Reims’ field (01:45 on August 30). In fact, Messi has only had a few training sessions with his teammates after a month of rest. Being too hasty to go to the field can cause M30 to get injured.

messi da tran ra mat psg vao rang sang 2182

Fans will have to wait longer to see Messi make his PSG debut

When talking about Messi’s ability to play, coach Mauricio Pochettino made the fans look forward to more when he often had “double” answers: “Messi brings positive energy to the whole team and quickly gets along with the team. teammates. It feels like everything is going very well, not only in the dressing room but also on the pitch. Let’s wait and see”

Although Messi could not play in the match against Brest in the third round of Ligue 1, tickets for this match were sold out at breakneck speed. The organizers of Stade France-Le Blé – Brest’s home ground have taken advantage of increasing ticket prices. It is clear that Messi’s attraction is extremely strong.

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