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Messi overwhelmed his teammates, PSG fans went crazy

PSG’s official Instagram page recently posted a nearly 1-minute video recording the training session on August 16 of the whole team. The focus of attention is definitely on Lionel Messi – the signing of the century of the French team.

Although the video is not long, fans can easily recognize Messi’s high-class personal technique. Not only making the fans crazy, what the Argentine superstar showed on the field also overwhelmed his teammates.

Messi shows off his personal technique in PSG’s training session

On the field, Messi is the only player to wear a green shirt. He is the center of the two practice teams, acting as an attack coordinator for both sides. This is not a new exercise, because at Barca, Messi has also undergone similar exercises. Along with coordinating the attack, Messi also got himself 2 goals thanks to his classy ball handling.

Messi’s first goal was made after an assist from close teammate Neymar. The second goal came from the 34-year-old’s dribbling effort. Despite sticking very closely and younger and stronger than Messi, it is difficult for PSG players to get the ball in the feet of this world’s top superstar.

messi dong doi choang ngop fan psg phat cuong

Messi makes his teammates overwhelmed

Messi’s dribbling, turning the ball made his teammates “fooled”, even fell, but could not be stopped. Worth mentioning, this is only Messi’s third training session since officially joining PSG on a free transfer from Barca.

Just 4 hours after posting, this video has attracted more than 5 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments. Most of them praised Messi. “Messi dribbles like an empty place”, “Messi seems to be completely ready, let’s let him play in the next match”,… are typical comments.

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Messi can start playing on August 30

As revealed by Sky Sports, Messi has been scheduled by head coach Mauricio Pochettino for his PSG debut later this month. Specifically, he will have his first match for PSG at dawn on August 30, Vietnam time. It was a trip to Reims’ yard.

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