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Real Madrid prepares to welcome “rookie” 279 million euros

Real Madrid seems to be still indifferent and does not seem to care much about the summer market of 2021. The proof is that up to now, Los Blancos has only brought in only 1 rookie who is a versatile defender. David Alaba.

However, the Austrian star is only a free transfer contract and Real does not have to spend a dime for this transfer. Besides, the rumors surrounding the purchase and sale of this club did not appear too much in the press.

Real’s only valid concern at the moment is just a Kilyan Mbappe wanting to leave, but PSG decided to keep it. The confusing indifference of the BLD in the preparation of the new season squad is making the White Vulture fans worried.

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Real just brought in the only rookie, David Alaba

However, in the current context, Real Madrid lovers can feel somewhat comforted when this team prepares to welcome the return of “rookie” Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Specifically, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu stadium – home and also the pride of Los Blancos is about to be completed and returned in the new season.

Starting to build and renovate their home ground right after the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in 2020, until now, Real Madrid has shown their progress to fully reopen in time. September 12.

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If this can happen, this will be an extremely encouraging signal for Toni Kroos and his teammates. At this point, the entire workforce will be mobilized to increase maximum capacity to complete the remaining small items, from spreading the grass on the pitch to renovating the seats in the stands.

A source from Marca said that Real Madrid’s contractor had urged the workload to be done quickly to avoid “spreading anger when Real had to play at home at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano”. (Wanda Metropolitano is the home ground of Atletico Madrid, a rival in the same city but not with Real).


Real’s Bernabeu Stadium has entered the final stage of completion

This source also said, currently, the Bernabeu stadium is working nearly 24 hours a day, three eight-hour shifts with more than 800 employees working on the field and the stands. However, basically, the renovation and repair part has been completed, small items can be repaired without pressure before September 12.

Real Madrid expects the entire pitch to be finished and fully polished by the end of 2022 or early 2023 if minor delays arise.

The great return of “rookie” Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is really necessary at this time. Real had to spend 279 million euros to upgrade and renovate their “mecca”. This is probably part of the reason why the club did not dare to spend money on new recruits this summer.

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