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Rookie Ramos created conflict at the club

Ramos arrived at PSG in the summer transfer window of 2021 on a free transfer and is a fifth of the rookie team that the Princes’ Park team owns this summer. He is expected to become an important piece in the team’s defense thanks to his experience and battle bravery.

However, when there was still no debut due to injury, the Spanish midfielder has recently become the focus of conflicts in the team. Specifically, according to a source from reporter Tono Garcia of Cadena Ser (Spain) radio station, many PSG teammates are not satisfied with this training attitude as well as the central defender’s personality.

In particular, Ramos also showed disrespect towards the staff serving at the team. Therefore, he is making many members feel “hot eyes”. Currently, PSG has not had any explanation or correction for this incident, but this is clearly what the fans do not want.

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Ramos is creating hidden conflicts within PSG

Ramos is a top-class central defender but without a standard attitude, it will be difficult for him to win the hearts of fans as well as new teammates. Since then, the ability of this star to play will also be greatly narrowed.

Certainly, the PSG leadership does not want conflicts to occur at the club when the season has only started 2 rounds. With Ramos, he is still in the process of being treated for an injury and will likely only be able to return in September.

psg co bien tan binh ramos tao ra xung dot o clb

This is clearly something that the coaching staff of the team did not want

Before joining PSG, Ramos was almost the “boss” in the dressing room at Real when he was a huge voice in the team. Now, coming to a new environment, that is almost impossible.

PSG fans are expecting with experience and class, Ramos will join Messi in bringing the prestigious Champions League title to the club this season. This is also the biggest goal of the Paris team.

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