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The leader of PSG denies that Messi is receiving a heavenly salary

Yesterday, French news agency L’Equipe revealed the details of Messi’s contract, claiming that the PSG rookie will earn huge amounts of money on a three-year contract, thereby receiving a high salary. than Kylian Mbappe and equal to Neymar.

But PSG sporting director Leonardo has confirmed that Messi’s contract is only for two years, not three, and said the details of the contract are far from what is being rumored.

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Messi only has a 2-year contract with PSG

“This is not acceptable. This is completely wrong. I want to confirm that. I think it’s disrespectful and we don’t like it. This is really far from the truth, in terms of contract duration and numbers.

There are confidentiality clauses, but I can say that this is not true. The term of the contract is 2 years. We don’t like these misinformation.

L’Equipe confirmed earlier this week that Messi will earn 30 million euros this season and 40 million euros over the next two seasons until his contract expires in 2024, when he is 37 years old.

Messi’s salary is said to be equivalent to the income Barcelona invited him last summer. Messi is willing to cut 50% of his salary to stay at the Nou Camp, but the two sides have to reluctantly part ways.

Messi did not receive any transfer bonuses when he moved to PSG, although it has been reported that he will receive a loyalty bonus equivalent to 15 million euros per season.

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Messi has many secret terms with PSG

Since completing his move to Ligue 1, El Pulga has also partnered with cryptocurrency website, which will earn him an additional 30 million euros during his time at PSG.

Messi’s brand value is undisputed, his income level is definitely at the top of the world of players.

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