Challenging in a new but old position

The player on the staff of Hanoi Club was recently tested by Mr. Park in a new position and left many positive signals.

A new challenge awaits.

With the fans who have regularly watched the Vietnamese national team in recent times, everyone must know that Duy Manh is a steel midfielder under coach Park Hang Seo as well as the Hanoi club. Recently, there are information that the Korean strategist wants to let Duy Manh try in the position of an intercepting midfielder.

This is the position that makes the 62-year-old leader the most worried at the moment. After Hung Dung suffered an injury, the Korean strategist had a lot of experiments or went to find new people but so far has not found a solution. The players who are tested in this new role only play at a full role, even if they have not contributed too much and met expectations.

As many people know, midfield interception is a position that plays right on the back line. This position may not be too prominent, but it plays a huge role in the operation of modern football, especially with the 3-5-2 diagram that Coach Park Hang Seo is applying in the Vietnam national team.

Duy Manh was tested by Mr. Park as an interceptor midfielder

Midfielder interception has a relatively simple operation. When they have the ball, they usually withdraw from the bottom line, then distribute it mainly to the two sides, or manually translate the ball up. When the team is out of possession, the midfield player will do their job as the first to jump to the ball and support the defence.

Fitness is an important factor for a ball player, especially for players who need to move long distances like a holding midfielder. In addition to the element of toughness, endurance, and pressure, these players need to withstand collisions when confronting and winning the ball with the opponent. And Duy Manh is like an interception midfielder that Mr. Park is looking for.

Currently, modern football has made the task of the player playing the above position gradually more diverse. They can move continuously, hold the ball and launch attacks like central midfielders. Prominent names in the world can be mentioned such as: N’golo Kante, Frenkie De Jong, Casemiro, …

Will Duy Manh adapt well?

When Hung Dung was absent due to injury, the Vietnamese team immediately lost the necessary balance and motivation. In turn, Xuan Truong, Quang Hai, Hoang Duc, Duc Huy … were arranged by the Korean military leader to play next to Tuan Anh when he met a medium-sized opponent like Indonesia and Malaysia.

However, when confronting a heavyweight opponent named UAE, the weakness in the middle of the field is obvious. Tuan Anh is still the number one choice thanks to his ability to escape pressing, but to find a player with fitness, strength and the ability to recover the ball is still a concern of coach Park Hang Seo.

In recent training sessions of the Vietnam national team. Midfielder Duy Manh was tested by the Korean military leader in the role of an interceptor midfielder. In fact, this is not a strange position for players on the staff of the Capital team. Duy Manh’s old teacher, coach Phan Thanh Hung, once shared: “When I put Duy Manh in the first team of Hanoi club, he used to play as a holding midfielder for 2 seasons in a 3 central midfield scheme.

Duy Manh used to start in the midfield position

Indeed, the starting point of Duy Manh’s football career was a defensive midfielder when he played for Hanoi U21 in 2014 in Can Tho. Manh was only 18 years old at that time, but he was very confident next to his brother Hung Dung.

It was thanks to this player’s role that Hanoi then won the 2014 U21 Championship. Duy Manh’s strong point is controlling the ball and recovering the ball, the ability to pass the ball to launch the attack of this 25-year-old star was hit. Prices are quite varied. Especially Duy Manh has a very good body and fitness. The reason Manh was pulled to the center back was because at that time Hanoi’s midfield needed a stronger foreign soldier.

With the upcoming strong opponents, the ‘Golden Star Warriors’ need to strengthen the steel for the midfield, especially the problem of being attacked directly by your team in the middle. The fact that Coach Park Hang-seo put this 1996-born player into the position of an interceptor midfielder is a reasonable and right solution.


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