Dang Van Lam shows impressive reflexes at Cerezo Osaka

In the recent video released by Cerezo Osaka Club, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam has mastered the movements given by the goalkeeping coach.

Despite not being able to play regularly for Cerezo Osaka Club at J-Leauge 1, goalkeeper Dang Van Lam is still practicing hard on the team’s training ground.

And in a video that has just been posted by Cerezo Osaka on the team’s facebook, it can be seen that Lam ‘west’ has swallowed the training board’s lesson plan. Joining a team in the top Japanese league has helped a lot for the goalkeeper born in 1993 in developing his playing skills.

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam is about to return to Thailand
Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam is still practicing hard every day at Cerezo Osaka

He is not only trained from the skill of serving the ball with both feet, but also improved his footwork skills from receiving the ball or passing the ball to his teammates.

And of course, Van Lam is also very well trained in reflexes and blocking. Not only has beautiful flying phases, this goalkeeper also shows his excellent spatial control in a face-to-face situation to make judgments to block the opponent’s shot.

Obviously with what he has shown, Dang Van Lam shows that he is ready to return to Vietnam, despite the fact that the Russian overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper only has 3 days to practice with his teammates.

It is expected that after the series of matches in the J-League 1 tournament takes place on the evening of August 28, Dang Van Lam will board a plane to Saudi Arabia on the morning of September 29 to join the Vietnamese team. If he continues to perform well in training sessions on the national team, the overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper still has the opportunity to play in front of the home team.

Worry in the position of guarding the temple of VietnamWorry at the position of guarding the temple of Vietnam
Dang Van Lam is currently not appreciated for his performance because he has not played for a long time. But no one is better than him right now.

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