‘Emerging giants’ spend money to bring back the captain of the Vietnamese team

Song Lam Nghe An Club is showing a positive face after having a new sponsor, including changing personnel.

Video: Que Ngoc Hai celebrates tricking Xuan Truong (Source: Next Media)

On the afternoon of August 21, 100% of the members of the VFF Board of Directors agreed with the plan to close the V-League 2021 season at this time. Before the above incident, it is certain that many clubs will have a change in force.

SLNA Club is no exception. According to the information we received, the Nghe team is looking for the signatures of Que Ngoc Hai, Trong Hoang and Ngo Hoang Thinh.

Recently, sharing with Bongda Plus, SLNA CEO Truong Manh Linh said: “The club wants Nghe An players to return to their homeland to contribute. SLNA has also contacted the above players. They are also the people who are suitable for the squad, strategy and requirements of the head coach. It is known that I myself They also almost expressed their desire to return to SLNA.

With the tournament coming to an end, you guys just go home. This is a favorable time. It’s also easier for us to arrange the squad for next year.”

'Emerging giants' boldly spend to bring back the captain of Vietnam Tel-70689
Que Ngoc Hai is currently focusing with Vietnam Tel to prepare for the 3rd World Cup 2022

Que Ngoc Hai joined Viettel from the 2019 V-League season with a 3-year contract. It is known that SLNA is willing to spend an amount of up to more than 30 billion VND to welcome these players back to Vinh Stadium.

The Nghe team is showing positive changes after having a new sponsor. The facilities, the conditions of the field or the salaries of the players have all been improved.

Recently, they also succeeded in retaining Phan Van Duc. Accordingly, Van Duc will continue to stay and play for SLNA for another 3 years until the end of the 2024 season.

Hopefully, with the initiative in shopping and investing in all aspects, SLNA Club will soon reap initial successes.


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