HAGL doesn’t care about the championship

Sunday 22/08/2021 00:49(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

HAGL Chairman Doan Nguyen Duc showed little interest in whether HAGL was recognized as the V.League 2021 champion or not.

V.League 2021 ends soon

After the Executive Committee meeting, VFF decided to stop V.League 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. In the next week, VPF will send a dispatch to the teams to agree on whether to recognize the champion and relegation team when V.League 2021 ends earlier than planned.

In that context, HAGL is in danger of losing the championship. This season, the Nui team under the direction of coach Kiatisuk has played sublimely and is leading the rankings after 12 rounds.

Vote Duc HAGL does not care about the image championship
HAGL leads V.League 2021 after 12 rounds.

However, Chairman Doan Nguyen Duc of HAGL did not pay much attention to this. Bau Duc shared with the media:

“This year, the epidemic is complicated. The Executive Board has made such a policy that I as a member must comply.. This game is for the club, not just HAGL.

Whether the recognition of the champion team or not is up to the VFF, I do not care about this issue. HAGL does not need to be champion at all costs. HAGL has also won the championship. For me, doing football is leaving something for the fans, not necessarily winning. In football, winning is not the first thing. Therefore, HAGL is not interested in the championship.”

Previously, VPF closed the plan to continue organizing V.League 2021 from February 2022. However, many teams strongly opposed this decision.

The reason the clubs gave was that the financial conditions were not guaranteed up to that time. Therefore, VFF was forced to have an Executive Committee meeting and the final decision was made.

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