Just missed the appointment to win the V-League, HAGL officially bid farewell to the ‘super pillar’

According to information we have received, HAGL’s main defender Damir Memovic has officially become a free agent.

Highlights HAGL vs Binh Duong (Source: Next Media)

On the afternoon of August 22, HAGL club officially said goodbye to their main defender in the V.League 2021, Damir Memovic. It is known that the management of the Nui street team decided not to sign another contract with this central defender after the contract between the two sides ended.

“We really appreciate your contributions to HAGL Club. Wish Memovic much success in the upcoming journey.“, HAGL Club shared.

Damir Memovic is one of the irreplaceable “super pillars” of HAGL Club in the 2021 season. He is one of the important links under coach Kiatisak, making a great contribution to the achievement of ranking No. League 2021.

According to statistics, Damir Memovic is one of the very few names to play in all 11 matches of HAGL club at V.League 2021. The excellent performance of the duo Damir Memovic – Kim Dong Su has contributed to the success of the team. definitely in the defense of the mountain street team.

HAGL will not have the service of couple Kim Dong Su – Memovic next season.

According to the information we have, midfielder Kim Dong Su will almost certainly not continue to stick with the Nui team next season. It is expected that this player will enlist in the Korean army and be away from the field for a long time.

Besides, Coach Kiatisak also temporarily left HAGL and returned to Thailand in mid-August. Since accepting the invitation to return to HAGL to work, this is the first time Kiatisak has returned to Thailand.

On social networks, Zico Thai often shares family photos and shows nostalgia for his wife and daughter. This is considered a valuable rest period for coach Kiatisak.

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