VFF announced to stop the tournament, HAGL lost the V.League 2021 championship?

At the meeting of the VFF Executive Committee this afternoon, leaders of HAGL, Hanoi FC, Viettel… agreed to stop V.League 2021.

This afternoon, August 21, VFF met the VFF Executive Committee, thereby “closing” the V.League 2021 and VPF will consult the clubs to agree on this.

“Chairman Le Khanh Hai and VFF executive committee members agreed to stop the professional tournaments in 2021 in order to better prepare for the 2022 season, and at the same time contribute to the prevention of the epidemic as well as the end of the season. Damage reduction for clubs“, a member of the VFF executive committee shared with us.

So, V.League 2021 will officially stop. It is expected that in the near future, VPF will consult the teams on related issues. Many topics need to be discussed such as the ranking of the teams, and of course no team has to be relegated in the V.League 2022.

A question was raised right after the announcement of V.League 2021 was broadcast: Will HAGL Club – the leading team in V.League lose the championship? This question has not yet been specifically agreed by the VFF and VPF and the teams.

Remember, VFF once announced that it would continue to organize professional tournaments on August 6, but many clubs responded strongly. This caused the VFF to once again discuss and “fix” the professional tournaments in 2021.

HAGL will lose the championship if V.League 2021 stops the tournament?

Before the VFF held a meeting this afternoon on August 21, many professional clubs sent written requests to stop the tournament or ask for financial support during the absence of football. Some teams like Nam Dinh and Hai Phong estimate cost losses of up to 15-20 billion VND if V.League 2021 is postponed to February 2022.

“The HAGL, Hanoi FC, Viettel, Da Nang and Quang Nam clubs all agreed to stop the tournament. VFF will assign VPF to consult the teams to agree on stopping the professional tournaments.“, a member of the VFF Executive Committee who attended the meeting told us this afternoon (August 21).


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