Vietnam Tel has another fire test with U22 Vietnam

Sunday 22/08/2021 10:35(GMT+7)

Newspaper says Bongda24h

Accordingly, the red shirt army will have a rehearsal on August 25 before Mr. Park officially gives a short list of players who will leave for Saudi Arabia.

On August 19, Vietnam Tel had a valuable competition with young players in the U22 team. In two small matches, the team won with the same score of 2-1. The scorers for Vietnam Tel are Xuan Truong, Minh Vuong, Tuan Tai and “rookie” Pham Tuan Hai.

Although this fire test cannot be compared with international matches, it partly helps Coach Park Hang Seo and his assistants see the problems of Vietnam Tel to have ways to overcome.

Vietnam Tel has another fire test before going to Saudi Arabia
Vietnam Tel has another fire test with the U22 team before going to Saudi Arabia

And according to information that has just been confirmed by VFF, Vietnam Tel will have another day of internal practice matches, with 2 matches against U22 Vietnam on August 25. This is considered to be the rehearsal before the departure of coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students.

The internal match of Vietnam Tel with U22 Vietnam coming here will also be the last opportunity for the players to prove their ability to score points with Coach Park Hang Seo. After these matches, based on the performance of the students, Mr. Park will make the first shortlist with 25 players from the original list of 31 names.

Thus, there will be 6 faces who will have to stay at home this time, of which there are 2 players who have not recovered from their injuries, Van Hau and Minh Vuong.

In addition, another case that is also at risk of being removed from the list of Vietnam national teams is striker Ha Duc Chinh. The striker from Phu Tho is said to be suffering from an instep injury and was also absent from yesterday’s training session of Vietnam Tel.

According to the plan, Vietnam Tel will go to Saudi Arabia on the morning of August 27. The whole team will have about 5 days to get used to the field and competition conditions in your country before entering the competition on the evening of September 2 (ie 0:00 am on September 3 in Vietnam time).

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