Vietnam Tel welcomes the news that ‘couldn’t be happier’ before G

The Vietnam national team has just welcomed the return of two players in the latest training session on the afternoon of August 21.

Video: 10 goals against the West Asian representatives of Vietnam Tel (Source: Next Sport)

On the afternoon of August 21, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students returned to practice after a day of rest. In the latest training session, Vietnam Tel welcomed the return of rookie Le Tien Anh.

“Tien Anh himself also identified this as a very important time to seize the opportunity to continue to participate in the journey with the team. Therefore, the midfielder is likened to this ‘strange bird in the middle’. try to catch up again in the exercises, try to best meet the requirements of the BHL”, the VFF homepage made a notice.

Previously, many fans expressed concern that Le Tien Anh would miss the opportunity to score with Coach Park when the midfielder was absent from the training session on August 12. However, Tien Anh recovered well as predicted by the doctors and returned to practice with the team.

Vietnam Tel received the news 'couldn't be happier' before G-70580
Quang Hai and Tien Anh return to practice (Photo: VFF)

Another case that has also returned is Nguyen Quang Hai. In the practice match with U22, Quang Hai did not play due to muscle pain. Up to the present time, Vietnam Tel almost has the strongest squad, in addition to the absence of Van Hau.

It is expected that on August 25, the national team will enter an internal friendly match with Vietnam U22 juniors. This is considered as the last rehearsal of Quang Hai and his teammates before closing the list.

Coach Park Hang Seo will eliminate 5-6 players. According to the announcement of VFF, Vietnam Tel will be facilitated to fly to Saudi Arabia as soon as possible. On September 2, Park’s teachers and students will enter the match against Saudi Arabia.

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