Who will win, who will be relegated?

Sunday 22/08/2021 10:59(GMT+7)

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In the event that the V-League 2021 has to stop, questions will inevitably arise for the end of the historic season.

On August 21, the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) met and reached an agreement to stop the V-League 2021, instead of postponing it to February 2022. Before that, many clubs had the idea of ​​stopping the V-League completely because stopping the tournament for up to 7 months would bring difficulties in maintaining.

Logo V-League 2021
V-League 2021 has to be stopped due to the impact of the covid-19 epidemic.

The inability of the tournament to reach the finish line also brings up a lot of questions such as whether there will be a championship team, a relegation team, a place to attend AFC tournaments in the next season, etc.

Who will win, who will be relegated?

After 12 rounds, HAGL is leading the V-League 2021 rankings with 29 points, 3 points more than the team behind Viettel. The mountain football team under coach Kiatisuk Senamuang performed a football that was both effective and beautiful based on a generation of players who had played together for many years, who, as described by coach Ljupko Petrovic, “can kick with your eyes closed. be together”.

The fact that the V-League 2021 has to stop certainly brings regret to domestic football fans in general, as well as to HAGL. But a question arises is stopping the tournament at this point, who will be the champion?

If you immediately give the championship to HAGL at this time, it is a bit reluctant even though they are at the top of the rankings. Because if as expected, HAGL still has 6 unplayed matches and in the remaining time, it is unlikely that other teams will be able to overcome to win the first place.

Minh Vuong HAGL
Bau Duc affirmed that it’s okay if HAGL doesn’t win this season.
Duc himself also frankly shared: “V-League belongs to 14 clubs, not HAGL alone. We can win this season, it’s okay if we don’t win.”

The awarding of the championship trophy when the tournament stops when there is still 1/3 of the way ahead is difficult to convince. Which team will be relegated is similar because as expected, the number of teams that have to be relegated in the V-League 2021 is 1.5 and then reduced to 1. The teams that race for relegation still have 8 matches ahead, so there are still a lot of teams. the opportunity to rise up in the remaining time if the tournament is held. Therefore, the option of no relegation team is probably reasonable when the tournament is forced to stop.

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Tickets to AFC tournaments

According to the original format, the winning team of the V-League will qualify for the group stage of the AFC Champions League next season. The two places for the AFC Cup are the National Cup champion and the V-League runner-up, but with the Vietnamese professional football leagues all having to stop, the next season’s AFC tournaments will also need to be discussed.

Because tournaments cannot be held, it is almost impossible to determine the champion as well as the runner-up in the V-League and the National Cup. As a result, next year’s AFC club competitions will be more difficult to determine.

Viettel vs Kaya
Viettel Club is the representative of Vietnamese football to attend the group stage of the AFC Champions League.
In addition to the VPF discussing with the clubs to unify the team to attend the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup next season, the VFF also has to work with the AFC on the clubs that have a place in the current special circumstances.

The fact that the V-League 2021 is forced to stop because of the covid-19 epidemic will also cause the tournament organizers and clubs to work with sponsors when the tournament does not reach the destination as planned. Not to mention that the clubs will work with players and coaches regarding contracts, salaries, bonuses, etc.

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