Xuan Truong encourages Minh Vuong

Midfielder Tran Minh Vuong is likely to be absent from the match against Saudi Arabia on September 2.

Highlights UAE 3-2 Vietnam (World Cup 2022 Qualifiers) (Source: Next Media)

Minh Vuong was absent from the training session on August 21 of the Vietnamese national team. The HAGL player has suffered a ligament injury, according to the doctors’ diagnosis, it will take up to 3 weeks for Tran Minh Vuong to recover.

This means that he will not be able to travel with Vietnam to Saudi Arabia to enter the opening match of the 3rd World Cup 2022. This is not a small loss for the national team as well as for the individual player. Prime Minister Tran Minh Vuong.

Recently, Luong Xuan Truong sent words of encouragement to his teammates: “At the end of last season when your chances were brighter at the club then the injury came. And now when you’re slowly proving yourself in the National Team it’s happened again.

Maybe that’s unfair to many people, even I feel it’s unfair to you. But I know you will say again that this is not necessarily the worst.

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Minh Vuong suffered a ligament injury (Photo: VFF)

I have witnessed how you put in a tremendous effort to improve every day, willing to listen to everyone’s suggestions to improve yourself. But unfortunately, trauma is something that we cannot anticipate.

But maybe it came to remind us that to slow down a bit, your body needs rest to get ready for bigger goals and tasks. So surely the opportunity will come to you again in the front. My friend, do your best.”

According to Xuan Truong’s share, although he and Minh Vuong were next to each other in the room, it was difficult to say direct words of encouragement. Therefore, the player from Tuyen Quang has chosen the above way to encourage team spirit.

This is considered a great spiritual gift for Minh Vuong at the present time. Hopefully, the Vietnamese midfielder will soon recover and return to contribute to the national team in the 3rd World Cup 2022.


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