Comment Tottenham vs Olympiakos in Group B Champions League

Comment Tottenham vs Olympiakos

The match Tottenham vs Olympiakos in the 5th round of Group B Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 03:00 on November 27, Vietnam time. Tottenham are expected to complete the group stage from this 5th series after having a new captain, Jose Mourinho.

Comments on the match Tottenham vs Olympiakos

Very soon after sacking Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham decided to fall in love with Jose Mourinho. The BLD team believes that the strategist who has won the Champions League twice (with Porto and Inter) will take Tottenham to a new level. It is a height they believe, Pochettino cannot touch, after four and a half years of hard work and finding a way with Spurs.

Recent form of Tottenham and Olympiakos

Tottenham’s desire is so clear. And so, it is understandable that Mourinho’s task is not simple.

It is true that Pochettino did not bring Tottenham any title after nearly 5 years in charge. But the Argentinian coach also helped the London team reach the Champions League final last year.

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Can Mourinho do better in his first season in charge of Tottenham? Indeed, reaching the Champions League final is a feat that Tottenham have never done before.

But also because of falling before the opportunity to win that great glory (Tottenham lost to Liverpool 0-2 in the final) that Pochettino collapsed, thereby pushing Spurs down with his depressed mood. And because of that, Pochettino lost his job and Mourinho had the opportunity to return to the English field.

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Yet when asked if the defeat in the Champions League final was the reason for Tottenham’s decline, Mourinho replied arrogantly: “I don’t know, I’ve never lost together. where’s the Champions League ending!”

That attitude, to many, is arrogant. But Tottenham are in need of such a big confidence. This team has lived through a third of the season in gloom, in unnecessary failures.

Now, Tottenham need a new mentality, a new, stronger mood to jump out of the crisis mud. A win now will take Tottenham into the round of 16. And believe that they will win, because there is Mourinho, and because Olympiakos is not a strong opponent.

Olympiakos has lost all of its last 3 matches in the Champions League. Before a Tottenham that promises to be very different from Mourinho, the fourth defeat in a row is a very likely outcome for this Greek team.

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