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FC Barcelona vs Dortmund

The match Barcelona vs Dortmund in the 5th round of Group F Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 03:00 on November 28, Vietnam time. This match at the Nou Camp will be controlled by the famous French referee, Mr. Turpin.

Comments on the match Barcelona vs Dortmund

Group F of this year’s Champions League is taking place unpredictably, true to its deadly nature. Barca is still maintaining the top position and has the greatest chance of progressing, but with a draw by Slavia Prague in the recent match, they consider themselves to be in a difficult position because the remaining 2 opponents of Barca are very difficult. thirst for victory to determine to pass the group stage.


Dortmund is also going through a series of unforgettable days with a 0-4 defeat to Bayern and a 3-3 draw by the bottom team Paderborn in the Bundesliga, so Dortmund is even more eager to win.

In addition to Dortmund, Inter Milan are also breathing extremely hot breaths on the back of Barca’s neck. The upcoming match is a better opportunity for Inter to rise because they only have to meet the weakest team in the table Slavia Prague. While Barca and Dortmund had to die at the Nou Camp.

Recent form of Barcelona and Dortmund

Looking at recent performance, Barca proved to be slightly better than the opponent with the last 3 victories, of which at home they were even more terrifying with an unbeaten streak that lasted from the beginning of the season. In which, they only drew 1 match, the rest won 7 matches.

Meanwhile, Dortmund is going through 4 matches without winning as a guest, including 2 losses. And in these 4 games without winning, there are 3 matches they did not score any goals. That proves the powerful attack of the Ruhr club proved to be very blunt when away from home.


In fact, Barca’s defense is not very solid because in the last 7 matches, there are 5 times when they have to go into the net to pick up the ball, even if the opponent is just poor attack like Levante, Celta Vigo or Leganes. That could be an opportunity for Dortmund, especially when in 2019, Dortmund has never failed to score more than 3 consecutive matches.

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