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Identify Juventus vs Atletico Madrid

The match Juventus vs Atletico Madrid in Group D Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 03:00 on November 27, Vietnam time. The match will take place at the Allianz Stadium, where Juventus have won the last 5 matches.

Match commentary Juventus vs Atletico Madrid

Juventus have already passed the group stage before this match, so the encounter with Atletico Madrid only makes sense for the Italian team to consolidate the top position, which will help them a lot in the grouping in the knockout round. -out. In that context, being able to play at home is a great advantage for Juventus against the opponent from Spain.

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Coach Maurizio Sarri’s army is showing an extremely impressive performance at home, making any visitor to the Allianz Stadium tremble in fear. In addition, the attack is booming with each match scoring at least 2 goals in the last 4 matches in the Champions League to help Juventus confidently welcome Atletico Madrid.

.’s recent form Juventus vs Atletico Madrid

After 4 matches, Juventus is the only team in Group D to maintain an unbeaten record. Coach Maurizio Sarri’s army won 3 victories and 1 draw, earning a total of 10 points and was the first team in the table to win tickets to the 1/8 round. The early settlement of the ticket to continue gives Juve more time to spend on the domestic front, where their top position in Serie A is being seriously threatened by Inter.

Theoretically, Juve is still not sure of the top spot in Group D. Sarri’s teachers and students need at least 1 point in today’s encounter with Atletico Madrid to keep the top spot. However, Juve can do better than that, by beating the guests from Spain, thereby also sending a warning to rivals in the race to win the Champions League this season.

Juve have won all of the last 3 matches in the Champions League playground, each game has scored at least 2 goals. At home, the reigning Serie A team also won the last 4/5 matches in the continent’s No. 1 arena, but one of Juve’s victims included Atletico Madrid itself. It was the second leg of last season’s round of 16, the match that saw Juve’s impressive comeback when they won 3-0, after a 0-2 loss in the first leg at Atletico Madrid.

The person who scored all 3 goals against Atletico Madrid that day was Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who is very energetic for today’s rematch, after being rested by coach Sarri in Juve’s last match against Atalanta. Atletico Madrid did not have such a thoughtful preparation, when only drawing and losing in the last 4/5 matches, a statistic that made Los Rojiblancos fans worry.

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