Proof that Messi and Barcelona do not “ignore” Slavia Praha’s players

Previously, the goalkeeper of Slavia Prague had “denounced” Messi and his teammates of “ignoring” him during his trip to the Nou Camp in the fourth round of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Specifically, goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar was disappointed when Lionel Messi and many Barca stars did not shake hands and change shirts with Slavia players: “Messi and many of his teammates left immediately after the game. Many of them didn’t even shake our hands. We were all eager to meet the big players and change shirts after the game, but they didn’t behave well.”

Many people think that perhaps because of disappointment, Messi and his teammates did not receive the guest team in the most polite and professional way.

But it seems that the “accusation” of goalkeeper Slavia Prague about Messi and Barcelona has backfired when recently a video showed that the Nou Camp team was completely hospitable, not poorly behaved in the recent match.

Messi and Barcelona do not “ignore” Slavia Prague’s players

A short video shared on Twitter by account Samuel Marsden proves otherwise. Barcelona captain Messi shook hands with each of the Prague players as they approached him.

It is also not possible to blame the players of the home team Barca for not being very happy because the result of the match was not satisfied.

Despite being held 0-0 by Slavia Prague at home, Barca is still leading the table with 8 points after 4 matches, 1 point more than the second-placed team Dortmund and the third-placed team Inter by 4 points. On November 28, Valverde’s teachers and students continued to play at home and received Borussia Dortmund. Until December 11, they will have a trip to Inter Milan’s field. Those are the matches they must win if they want to continue to keep the faith of the fans.

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