Real Madrid vs Chelsea commentary at 02:00 on April 28

Identify Real Madrid vs Chelsea

For the first time, Real Madrid and Chelsea clashed in an official match since 1998. According to kenhacai statistics, these two teams had previously met 3 times. The first and most memorable was in the Champions League final of the 1970/71 season, when Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Chelsea in Athens (Greece) and then, the two teams had to play again and Real Madrid won 2-1.

nhan dinh real madrid vs chelsea 28 4 2021

The next time, Real Madrid was at the 1998 European Super Cup, at Monaco’s Luis II Stadium. Chelsea then successfully reclaimed Real Madrid’s debt with a 1-0 victory, with the only goal scored by Uruguayan midfielder Gustavo Poyet.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea recent form

The two teams then only met in the summer friendlies called the International Champions Cup, with the overwhelming victory belonging to Real Madrid. Data from 7m livescore shows that Real Madrid beat Chelsea 3-1 in 20013 and then beat this British opponent 3-2 in 2016.

Not much confrontation experience between the two teams, especially the current lineup of players of both sides who have never met is the basis for the Champions League betting to believe that this will be a very unpredictable match.

Real Madrid, with 13 Champions League titles in the traditional room, is of course the stronger team. But Chelsea is excited and very hard to beat under new coach Thomas Tuche. That’s why, the odds are 88 recorded, Asian bets are mainly Real Madrid handicap Chelsea 1/4 left, or even the ball is drawn or lost, with Real Madrid eating very low.

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But according to football odds, there is a remarkable basis for Real Madrid fans to be optimistic. Those are the last 3 times reaching the semi-finals of the C1 Cup, this Spanish team won the right to continue. In the Champions League era alone, Real Madrid has also reached the semi-finals 14 times, more than any other team.

Experience, and bravery in these matches is something Real Madrid has in abundance, it is a gene already available in the white shirt of the Royal Spanish team. Meanwhile, counting all European cups, this is only the 14th time Chelsea have reached the semi-finals. And unfortunately they lost more than they won, with 6 advances and 7 stops.

However, this is still a difficult match, but fans can only rely on the advice of their hearts. Real Madrid is currently unbeaten at home since the beginning of February until now in all competitions (won 7, drew 2), Chelsea have not lost when as a guest at that time (won 6, drew 2). But a little risky for those who are brave, can choose Real Madrid to accept Chelsea 1/4 left, give less and get enough if they win the bet.

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