Real Madrid vs PSG assessment in Group A Champions League season 2019/20

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The match Real Madrid vs PSG in Group A Champions League season 2019/20 will take place at 03:00 on November 27, Vietnam time. The duel will take place at the Bernabeu, where Real Madrid only won the last 1/4 matches in the Champions League arena.

Match commentary Real Madrid vs PSG

If they win this match, Real will officially pass the group stage 1 match early, after PSG is the first team of Group A to fill their name in the 1/8 round. If that scenario happens, then the last match will only make sense to help Real and PSG compete for the first place in the group, where the Spanish team marches to be a guest of Club Brugge, while the French champion welcomes Galatasaray on the field. Parc des Princes house.

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In the situation of needing a victory, Real was fortunate to play at home, before an opponent who soon passed the group stage, PSG. It must also be taken into account that coach Zinedine Zidane’s army is reviving strongly, after impressive victories over the past time. Will 3 points stay at the Bernabeu as expected by Real fans?

.’s recent form Real Madrid vsah PSG

Real Madrid kicked off this season’s Champions League campaign with a 0-3 defeat at PSG. It was a trip that Real fans had anticipated many difficulties, when the home team was playing very poorly at that time. However, to lose to 0-3 is rarely thought of. Remember in the Champions League 2017/18, the last season the two teams faced each other on the continental playground, Real also eliminated PSG in the 1/8 round with a total score of 5-2, after 2 victories in the first leg. and so.

After a painful fall at the Parc des Princes, coach Zidane’s army was held 2-2 by Club Brugge in the next match, leaving Real still at the bottom of Group A. The leading candidate for the championship, Real faces the risk of being eliminated from the group stage, while Zizou faces the risk of being fired. At that time, the Spanish press reported that President Florentino Perez was planning to invite Jose Mourinho back to lead Real instead of Zidane.

To help Real revive, in both the Champions League and La Liga, and help himself escape the execution, coach Zidane has decided to change. The French strategist fixed the Real squad frame, limited rotation, removed the animosity to reuse Gareth Bale… As a result, Real revived.

Real are unbeaten in the last 6 matches in all competitions, winning 5, thereby climbing to second place in both Group A Champions League and La Liga. And the important thing is that Real is extremely comprehensive in defense in the last 6 matches, with 5 clean sheets, scoring a total of 19 goals. Even if PSG have clean sheets in the last 4 matches in the Champions League, with the current attack, Real fans can still be confident in a victory for the home team.

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