Review Benfica vs Spartak Moscow 02:00 on 11/8

Identify Benfica vs Spartak Moscow

According to football betting today, Benfica is having an extremely proud achievement. That is, they have participated in the C1 Cup for 18 consecutive seasons, from the 2003/04 season to the present. Certainly, the Portuguese team did not want Spartak Moscow to ruin that monumental participation circuit.

That is why the first leg of the third qualifying round of the C1 Cup this season, Benfica defeated Spartak Moscow 2-0 at home. According to the house bets offered tonight, Benfica accepts Spartak Moscow 1 1/4 left according to the Asian rafters. A rate that is still attractive to those who want to go host.

.’s recent form Benfica vs Spartak Moscow

The reason why Benfica is so deeply attached but still brighter than Spartak Moscow is not only because they won 2 goals away from home. There are many other factors in favor of Benfica in this match. For example, Spartak Moscow has a very bad record as a guest in Portugal.

nhan dinh benfica vs spartak moscow 11 8 2021

Statistics from the c1 lottery show that Spartak Moscow has visited Portuguese teams 6 times on the European front. As a result, they won 2 matches (both against Sporting Lisbon) and lost the remaining 4 matches, including 1 loss to Benfica.

It was a match in Group G of the C1 Cup season 2012/13. According to data from 7m livescore, Spartal Moscow also lost 0-2 to Benfica in the away match 9 years ago. This time, it is likely that the same score will repeat with the Russian team.

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Saying that because Spartak Moscow is in pretty bad form. Rui Vitória’s army has lost 3 of the last 4 matches. As a result of that field performance, the pockets of those who believe in Spartak Moscow are clearly reduced. As recorded from the 88th match, Spartak Mowcow lost the Asian match in 3 of the 4 matches mentioned above.

In contrast, Benfica has won the Asian bet in all 3 previous matches against Spartak Moscow. This time, with the home field advantage, with the advantage of the score, it is likely that coach Rui Costa’s team will again defeat Spartak Moscow and bring money to those who place their bets on the Asian rafters.

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