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Comment Albania vs England 23:00 on March 28 VL World Cup

The match Albania vs England in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers will take place at 23:00 on March 28, Vietnam time. This competition will take place at Loro-Boriçi Stadium.

Predict the match Albania vs England

After a very strong victory over San Marino in the opening match, England will have to be a guest on the field of Albania in the second match. Both England and Albania got 3 points in the first match. If Albania had a 1-0 victory over Andorra, the Three Lions had an easy 5-0 victory against the weakest team in the San Marino group.

This second match will be a tough one for Albania, who are only ranked in the middle of . In terms of class and quality of the squad, it is clear that the home team cannot compare with the army led by coach Gareth Southgate.

This will also be an opportunity for coach Southgate to test the best positions before Euro 2021, but with a squad of many stars, a victory is difficult to escape from the Three Lions.

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Albania vs England recent form

Meanwhile, the army of coach Edoardo Reja is also playing quite well in recent matches when Albania has won 4 in the last 6 matches. They are ranked 2nd in Group I after England. However, according to experts, confronting England is always an extremely difficult challenge when Albania has not won all 4 previous encounters, and also rates England very highly.

With a much higher-rated squad and confidence when facing opponents in previous confrontations, coach Gareth Southgate’s army will be the ones who actively push up the squad to play pre-emptively and create more opportunities to eat at the table.

Must play away in this match. However, teachers and coaches Gareth Southgate still show confidence when the England team is playing well away with 6 victories after the last 10 away trips. In addition, in the next 2 times as a guest on the field of Albania before, England also had a winning record.

In the last 10 matches in all competitions, Albania is also in good form when only losing 2/10 matches. In 2020, they have only lost 1 match at home.

Historically, England and Albania have only met four times. And all 4 times Albania were the losers. It can be seen that the parameters before this match are leaning towards the away team. So 3 points will be difficult to slip out of the hands of the Three Lions

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